Levi is an informal eatery set in the heart of Copenhagen serving Italian and Japanese flavors alongside harmoniously paired wines curated by founders Jesper Boelskifte and Peter Trauboth.
Boelskifte and Trauboth brought their visions to life with the help of Danish designer Johannes Torpe; creating an atmosphere that embodies and marries old Italy and Japanese sophistication within a modern metropolis.



Levi was imagined by Boelskifte and Trauboth who share a deep love of grapes, passion for flavours, and the belief that fine service, simple produce, and good craftsmanship can produce the greatest experiences.
The name is a tribute to the legendary Italian Grappa producer, Romano Levi.
Romano Levi’s craft showcases grappa at its highest form— where taste, simplicity, and design become one. This is our philosophy at Levi.


Restaurant Levi is at the intersection of Italian and Japanese culinary traditions. These cuisines share the quality of transforming high-quality, seasonal produce into something spectacular.
Levi is an informal eatery without long monologues about the food or wine. There is a bustling bar, lively conversation at the tables, and a relaxed atmosphere throughout the dining room.
Levi will offer to locals what Copenhagen has been missing and yearning for. We invite our guests to join us in this exciting engagement between food, wine, and design.

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